Who We Are

The First Responder Task Force was created for the sole purpose of honoring, serving, and protecting First Responders.

The terrorist attacks on 9/11 were a double tragedy in the insurance industry. It shed light on the fact that exclusions and restrictions exist in the majority of insurance policies.  414 total First Responders perished performing their duties that day, but because of the fine print buried in their insurance policies, a devastating number of the death benefit claims were denied payments or severely delayed to their families. Many of the insurance companies that ended up paying, some months and even years later, mainly did so because of political and media pressure. Far too many of these families never received a penny from these policies that they had been paying on for years.

The Problem for First Responders

Insurance policies contain an exclusion/restriction section that describes the conditions under which the company will deny payment. Four exclusions that affected the families of 9/11 were:

  • Acts-of-War
  • Acts-of-Terror
  • Hazardous-Duty
  • In-the-Line-of-Duty

The First Responder Task Force partnered with a non-profit association and took steps to extend their military like coverage to now include First Responders for the first time in history. Never again should a First Responder, putting their life on the line, lose their life and their beneficiary not be taken care of.

The First Responder Task Force focuses on exclusively offering military like coverage for our First Responder family nationwide. Coverage once reserved for those protecting our nation's borders is now available to the heroes protecting our communities.

The coverage is built around a military lifestyle and contain none of the typical exclusions/restrictions. Suicide is even covered after two years. There are no restrictions for hazardous sports or occupations. Acts-of-War, Acts-of-Terror, and even international travel are covered regardless of country. The policies cover you on and off duty, and unlike most group coverage, it can be taken with you when you leave or retire up to age 121.

Growth of the Task Force

When we set out on this mission in 2011, there were no systems for supporting and serving First Responders in a tangible way. So we started working with Fire Departments, Police Departments, Sheriff’s Offices, Corrections and EMS Agencies to get a better understanding of how they operate and the most efficient way we could provide the most amount of value. We refined that system over the following 12 months we began serving First Responder Agencies in the Southeastern United States.

In 2012 we served 2,500 First Responders. In 2013, we more than tripled and were able to protect 8,500 First Responders. In 2014, we were able to expand nationwide increasing the number of public servants covered to over 30,000. In 2018 we had our most impactful year yet, protecting over 50,000 First Responders. We have continued to grow our network of Task Force Coordinators across the country and now serve First Responders in every state.

Why We Do It

First Responders face a unique problem when it comes to insurance coverage.  Once we introduced a solution to this problem, we set out to make sure every First Responder was protected.



Protect and serve those who put themselves in harm's way.


Serve 125,000+ new First Responders every year. Why are the numbers so important?

  • Every number has a name.
  • Every name has a story.
  • Every story matters to us.


Responsibility and Loyalty

  • Responsibility:  Until you take personal responsibility, you will never be able to help yourself, your family, your community, or your country.
  • Loyalty: This is the backbone of liberty, and those that have spent their lives defending it.

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Proud Sponsor of FRBA

We've partnered with the First Responder Benefit Association (FRBA) to play our part in filling the gap of financial and emotional hardship that impacts the families of Fallen First Responders.

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