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How the First Responder Task Force Works: Two-Fold Task


Administering the $5,000 Benefit

Our first task is to provide every First Responder 18-59 years of age in the country a $5,000 benefit at 100% no cost to the individual or the agency. It covers you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, on or off duty. God forbid something happens In-the-Line-of-Duty, the beneficiary will receive $5,000. Even if something happens off duty, the benificiary still receives $2,000 to help cover immediate expenses. Over $900,000 of these benefits have been paid out over the past few years. This is for all sworn, non-sworn, paid, volunteer, administration, and reserve First Responders. Basically, anyone that works under the direction of a First Responder agency qualifies.

This benefit is not an enticer or a gimmick. All expenses are covered for this benefit, as a "thank you" for your service to our communities. It is the First Responder Task Force’s job to get it to you.

However, due to the cost of this benefit, we do not pass them out like candy at a parade. This benefit is administered in a group setting at your agency. Here is the specific process we use to set up and administer our program.


Step 1

Initial Briefing With Department Heads

Police Chief, Sheriff, Warden, Fire Chief, EMS Director

Step 2

Set Up Schedule

We will construct the most efficient schedule based on your direction to ensure all staff (sworn and non-sworn) receive the benefit.

Step 3

Serve the Agency

Our program is administered based on our proven Standard Operating Procedures (SOP). This process has been refined over years of serving thousands of agencies, and ensures the highest possible participation percentage. For that reason, it is the only way we operate.


Military Like Coverage

Our second task is to educate and inform all First Responders of the military like coverage they now have access to for the first time in history. It is important to understand that there is no pressured sales or arm-twisting involved, period. If a First Responder needs additional coverage for themselves or their family, that’s great. If not, that's great. Our job is to serve them with the $5,000 benefit as a thank you for their service.

As you can see, we operate very differently.  Our mission is simple – Protect those who put themselves in harm's way. You play an integral role in the success of this mission. The #1 way we get invited into a First Responder Agency is through a referral from a First Responder. Contact us and fill in the information on your agency. We will have a First Responder Task Force Coordinator in your area reach out to you.

Proud Sponsor of FRBA

We've partnered with the First Responder Benefit Association (FRBA) to play our part in filling the gap of financial and emotional hardship that impacts the families of Fallen First Responders.

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